Policymakers, program chiefs and other neighborhood change specialists frequently recognize what should be done to enhance sustenance  however they need learning about how to actualize, adjust and scale up effective projects over numerous parts.

Our Approach

Utilizing cooperative and versatile learning approaches means to encourage more grounded multisectoral engagement and expanded take-up of best practices and viable answers for propel sustenance objectives at the nation level.

As a specialized facilitator and system organizer of the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage and other shared learning gatherings, has sharpened a community oriented learning approach that is nation driven, request driven and concentrated on building the “know-how” of key government stewards and non-legislative on-screen characters crosswise over divisions.¬† cooperative learning approach furnishes policymakers and program administrators with a stage where they can:

Offer difficulties and analyze underlying drivers.

Catch implied information and promising practices from pragmatic experience.

Create arrangements and down to earth devices to conquer bottlenecks to usage and scale up.

Where facilitate advancements in execution and conveyance are expected to take care of unyielding issues, has additionally spearheaded versatile learning approaches in which research and outline, fast experimentation, assessment and adjustment can be utilized to rapidly distinguish usage challenges and iteratively enhance program adequacy and effect all through the full life cycle of the program.

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